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Complete Polyurethane Sealant Products with Firm Bonding Effect

Sealant is a kind of paste playing a role in waterproofing and sealing of buildings. Sealant becomes rubber elastomer with good recovery after it cures. And it expands after immersed in water to fill the gap, seal and waterproof. It has excellent performance in civil construction as waterproof material. Polyurethane sealant, polysulfide sealant and silicone sealant make up three kinds of advanced sealant in modern society. We manufacture complete sealant related products, such as one-component polyurethane sealant, two-component polyurethane sealant, two-component polysulfide sealant, water-swelling sealant, GB flexible filler, polyethylene closed-cell foam plate, one-component silicone sealant and two-component silicone sealant. Choosing material reasonably and sealing the buildings correctly are the key process of guaranteeing the construction sealing quality.

A aluminum foil one-component polyurethane sealant is being tested the diameter by a vernier caliper.
One-component polyurethane sealant is not saggy and has low weight change ratio, so it is suitable for vertical joints.
A small white bottle and a plastic bag on a white plastic drum.
Two-component polyurethane sealant has good softness at low temperature, which makes it easy to use at low temperature.
A component is in white plastic drum and B component is in plastic bag.
Two-component polysulfide sealant has the best air tightness, which makes it prevent air from entering, so the adhesion effect can be better.
Four aluminum foils water-swelling sealant in blue background.
Water-swelling sealant will swell if it encounters water, and the swelling volume is 220% larger than the original volume, which makes it waterproof and seal the joints.
A section of black caulking water stop strips.
GB flexible filler is resistant to medium, such as water and alkali. So it has strong suitability to environment, which makes it widely used in many projects.
A piece of polyethylene closed-cell foam plate is tested the thickness with a vernier caliper.
Polyethylene closed-cell foam plate has low water absorption rate and good impermeable performance, so it is widely used in water conservancy projects.
Four types of PVC waterstop in blue, gray and yellow.
PVC waterstops with high tensile strength and elasticity are designed for construction, expansion even capping joints to prevent any seepage of liquids.
A heap of hoary paste in the nozzle of a caulking gun.
Two-component silicone sealant is resistant to extreme low and high temperature, so it can stand various environment, which makes it accepted by many people.
A section of tunnel, some workers are constructing expressway, a big bridge and a large hydropower project.

Sealants with different kinds have wide application, especially in some large projects. They can be used in various joints, such as expansion joints and deformation joints. They can be used in buildings, tunnel, expressway, airport, railway station, bridge, hydropower project, basement and subway. Besides, they are used in window and door installation, hollow glass adhesion, glass curtain wall and swimming pool. Sealants of different kinds have separate application area. You can choose sealants correctly based on your demand.

Some matters need to note:

  • Take protective measures during using sealant to avoid injury.
  • Clean the surface of joints first to make the bonding effect better.
  • Choose right sealant based on the properties and application areas.
  • Confirm if it is necessary to do base coating.
  • If you use the two-component sealant, use it up within 2 hours. Because it cures with time going by, making the construction hard and resulting in waste.
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