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Supplying complete polyurethane sealant products

A person is squeezing the sealant into a concrete joint with a caulking gun.
Sealant can make the joint sealed and waterproof.

Hebei Ruida Engineering Rubber and Plastics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing various sealant and the related products in China. We have placed special emphasis on research and development of sealing material for 10 years. Our company has innovative producing and testing equipment. And our professional workers can provide you with the most suitable technology, products and the best service.

We manufacture building sealant, such as one-component polyurethane sealant, two-component polyurethane sealant, two-component polysulfide sealant, one-component silicone sealant, two-component silicone sealant, PVC waterstops and GB flexible filler. Our sealant products are widely used in waterproofing and sealing various joints of water conservancy, electric power, environmental protection, transportation, airport, playground and so on.

We have cooperated with many building companies, and our wholehearted service wins the trust and good reputation of many customers. We will provide you free technical guidelines and after-sales service if you choose us. You can email us at sales@polyurethane-sealant.com if you have any questions.

One-component and two-component polyurethane sealant, two-component polysulfide sealant, water-swelling sealant and PVC waterstop.