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Ruida Polyurethane Sealant and Polysulfide Sealant Project Cases

Our products have high quality and reasonable price, so they are widely used in many projects. And we have established cooperative relationship with many companies. The specific project cases are as below:

Some persons are walking in construction site.
Ethiopia KOGA dam project.
Several workers are constructing in construction site.
Baotou Shenhua coal to olefins project.
A sewage treatment plant is under construction.
Beijing Beiyuan sewage treatment plant.
Water is in some sewage treatment sinks.
Hengling sewage treatment plant.
A section of high-speed railway is under construction.
Beijing Tianjin high-speed railway China Railway 18th Bureau.
Several persons are talking in construction site.
Iran and Iraq railway Habutegai tunnel project.
A section of concrete dam.
South water to north Henan Chuanzhang project.
Several navvies are working in construction site.
Riverway control of Inner Mongolia Chifeng central city.
A section expressway is under construction.
Shanxi Taijia expressway project.
A section of passageway.
Shenzhen Hong Kong western passageway.
A section of tunnel is under construction.
Yiwan railway China Railway 4th Bureau Baziling tunnel.
A section of railway is under construction.
Yunnan Liuzhan double-track railway.