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Water-swelling Sealant with High Cost Performance

Water-swelling sealant is a kind of polyurethane variety non-stereotypes paste which is one-component and solvent-free. So it is also called one-component polyurethane water-swelling sealant. And it is used in the sealing structural joints. It has two sealing and waterproof mechanisms, which make it play a key role in waterproofing. It has the elasticity of rubber and swells encountering water to fill the joint when water enters into the joint. The unique advantages make water-swelling sealant have very wide application areas in the actual projects. The state of non-stereotypes paste makes water-swelling sealant suitable for the sealing and waterproofing of irregular surface joints and makes the operation easier. And water-swelling sealant is suitable for sealing and waterproofing of such positions as different materials, small operating space, high construction difficulty, damp and pile head. The swelling volume encountering water is 220% larger than the original volume. It is not saggy, so it is suitable for vertical plane construction. Water-swelling sealant can be divided into two kinds according to the swelling ratio: PJ220 and PJ400.

Four aluminum foils water-swelling sealant in blue background.
Water-swelling sealant with aluminum foil package is easier to use.
Four aluminum foils water-swelling sealant are in front of a carton.
Aluminum foils water-swelling sealant are placed into cartons, making the transportation securer.
Two aluminum foils water-swelling sealant are in front of a carton with a certification on it.
Our products are all tested to get certifications to guarantee the quality.
A aluminum foil water-swelling sealant is put on a electric scale.
Water-swelling sealant must be weighed to confirm that it is up to specified weight.
A aluminum foil water-swelling sealant and a yellow tape ruler on the floor.
Water-swelling sealant must be up to specified length before sell.
A aluminum foil water-swelling sealant is being tested the diameter by a vernier caliper.
Water-swelling sealant must be up to specified diameter before sell.
Four aluminum foils water-swelling sealant and a carton on the floor.
Delayed coagulation water-swelling sealant cures slowly, making the sealing effect better.


  • Good waterproofing performance. It has double sealing and waterproofing mechanisms: elasticity of rubber and swelling encountering water. And it is resistant to strong water pressure which is up to 1.5 MPa.
  • Good durability and low weight change ratio.
  • Easy to operate. It is one-component paste, so it can be used with standard caulking gun.
  • Excellent adhesion effect. It can be glued on the concrete surface firmly whether the base plane is damp, smooth or tough.
  • Environmentally friendly. It is resistant to chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid, salt water, sodium carbonate and potassium hydroxide. It is nontoxic and safe to human bodies.
  • High cost performance. Its sealing and waterproofing performance is better than that of the traditional waterproofing materials. What's more, its price is reasonable.


  • 600 ml per aluminum foil package, and 20 pcs per carton.
  • Packaged as customers' requirements.

Shelf life: 12 months in original unopened package, stored in dry and cool environment, and keep the temperature between +5°C to +25°C.

Color: black.

Water-swelling sealant technical data sheet:
No. Item Index
PJ220 PJ400
1 Solid content ≥85%
2 Density (g/cm3) 1.3 ± 0.1
3 Sagging height (50 ± 2) °C ≤2mm
4 Surface cures time ≤24h
5 Tensile strength after 7 days (MPa) ≥0.4 ≥0.2
6 Softness in low temperature (-20 ± 2) °C, 2h No crack.
7 Tensile performance Tensile strength ≥0.5MPa
8 Elongation at break ≥400%
9 Volume swelling ratio ≥220% ≥400%
10 Volume swelling retention ratio immersed in water for long time (28d) ≥90%
11 Resistant to water pressure (MPa) 1.5 water impermeable 2.5 water impermeable
12 Actual cure thickness (48h) ≥2mm
13 Harmful substance content Volatile organic compounds ≤200g/L
Benzene ≤0.1g/kg
Toluene and xylene ≤50g/kg
Toluene-2,4-diisocyanate (TDI) ≤5g/kg
14 Volume swelling retention ratio after immersed in solution (3d) (This item is carried out by supply and requisitioning parties according to the underground water quality.) 5% calcium hydroxide solution ≥90%
5% sodium chloride solution ≥90%

Using method:

  1. Clean the dust of the construction surface. It has no special requirements about whether the surface is smooth, tough, damp or dry.
  2. Put the sealant into caulking gun, cut off the tip, screw on nozzle and cut the nozzle to desired size.
  3. Squeeze the sealant into construction joints with the caulking gun.
  4. Avoid to contact with water before the sealant cures.


  • Water-swelling sealant is mainly used in waterproofing of deformation joints, embedded components and many construction joints such as industrial and civilian underground projects, municipal tunnels, protective engineering, underground railway and sewage treatment sinks.
  • It is used in water leakage government of existed projects.
  • It is used in sealing structural joints and the joints around H shape steel.
Several workers are standing in a section of tunnel.
Water-swelling sealant makes the tunnel sealed and waterproof, so the tunnel is safer.
A corner of sewage treatment sink and a section of tube.
Water-swelling sealant makes the sewage treatment sink run normally.
Two workers are repairing the road which has some cracks.
Water-swelling sealant can be used in the existed projects preparation, making them reused.
A underground garage with some light on.
Water-swelling sealant used in underground projects makes them solid and secure.

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